Range of Summer Flower Seeds available Now!

Summer Flower Seeds

The fantasy of weaving a beautiful world adorned with flowers and blossoms can come true with the simple to rare variety of floral seeds. Knowing that captivation lies in lovely and pretty flowers, we have collected a comprehensive Summer Flower Seeds range. This rare Summer Flower Seeds range would introduce a whole world of breathtaking varieties to choose from. The fantastic range of majestic Flowers Seeds at our store would prove a valuable asset, as it would bring a trace of satisfaction on your face of having High Yielding Breeds of seeds in your store, which are capable in adapting every weather condition of summer.

“As you sow so shall you reap”- utilizing this idea, the superb new varieties of flowers are available for sale having undergone extensive tests to ensure the best quality of our product. Since only best quality has spontaneity to assure optimum germination so the beauty of vibrant flowers bloomed through our Summer Flower Seeds’ range would no more be limited to the eyes of the beholder but to every admirer of them.

The available exquisite Summer Flowers Seeds’ range is developed with the view of meeting satisfaction level of the national as well as international clients who can select them as per their preference and requirement.

The superior quality of Summer Flower Seeds at our store would vividly evoke the fact that Flowers are matchless appeasers catching eyeballs of every beauty-seeker.

Some of the available Summer Flower Seeds are mentioned below:

Cineraria -The Best New Plant To Brighten Up Your Garden

CinerariaCineraria British Beauty Mix, are brightly hued daisy like flowers with rounded and graceful habit which comes in different enticing hues including pink, purple, white, red and many more with white at the outer part and other hues in the centre or vice versa, whereas its leaves are soft and fuzzy, green in shade with roughly arrow like shape. These exquisite blooms are very charming which endows pulchritude and can be utilised to deck up your garden.

This is an annual plant which can be grown in your garden, all you need to do is to know more about the plant and take some precautions for healthy growth of the plant. Although it can be grown throughout the year but the best time to sow the seeds is early spring as the plant blooms adeptly in cool seasons. And you can plant them in the location which is not getting the direct sunlight as too much of the heat may hamper the growth of the plant. And an apt location is where the plant will be getting more of morning sunlight and shade in the noon time, however indoor plants will get benefit as they will be receiving bright and filtered light. You can place the plant near the sunny window, covered with sheer curtains as this will not only bring a healthy growth to the plant but will also enhance the beauty of the room, however, it should be noted that the temperature should not exceed more than 65 degrees fahrenheit.

And the soil where seeds are going to be sown should be moist as the plant is very delicate and can’t tolerate drastic changes in the temperature and the moisture of the soil. It requires an adequate amount of water as too little water may hamper the growth and too much of water may cause roots to rot.You should water the soil and not the foliage hence when planting in the container use the pot having drainage hole so that excessive water may drain out.

When growing this delicate plant, you should feed them with good quality fertilisers and manures as sometimes soil does not consist those vital food required by the plant and hence these fertilisers and manures fulfill the lacking ingredients and endows a healthy growth to the plant.But the most important thing which is eminent for growing this amazing plant is a good quality seed as it pays fruits to your hard labour indulged in growing the plant hence, makes it essential to buy a good quality seed.  Kraft Seed, is one of the leading and authentic online seed store, giving you the opportunity to buy seeds online India as they have distinct varieties of herb, vegetable and flower seeds. All you need to do is to login their website and place order of your favorite seeds. So don’t waste time, immediately place your order before the stock finishes..!


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Calendula We have a great news for all the garden lovers who want to grow nourished plants, different veggies,  florets with amazing hues and deck up their garden in most enticing way it has been ever done. Kraft Seeds, one of the most authentic and online leading seeds store in India consisting bountiful range of flower, vegetable and herbal seeds, all the seeds provided by them undergoes various tests to endow you nourished and superlative quality seeds at best prices. In this sale season, Kraft Seeds has also come up with an astonishing offer where on buying a packets of your favorite seeds, you’ll get a packet of another seeds absolutely free. You don’t even need to take the pain of searching the shop, you can place your order of from comfort of your home, all you need to do is to log in their website, choose the seeds you required and place your order. Your favorite packets of seeds with the free seeds packet will be delivered at your doorstep. So hurry don’t wait for long, as offer is valid till the stocks last……! List of seeds in this offer is given below:-

  • Buy 2 packets of Calendula Bon Bon Mix seeds and get a packet of African Marigold seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Carrot Imp Kuroda seeds and get a packet of Broccoli seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Broccoli seeds and get a packet of Parsley seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Chinese Cabbage seeds and get a packet of Red Cabbage seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Celery seeds and get a packet of Red Cabbage seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Leek seeds and get a packet of Red Cabbage seeds absolutely free.
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  • Buy 1 packet of Cineraria British Beauty Mixed seeds and get a packet of Cineraria Silver Dust seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Verbena T&M Dwarf Jewels Mixed seeds and get a packet of Cineraria Silver Dust seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of African Marigold (white) F1 Hybrid Vanilla seeds and get a packet of African Marigold Orange seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Salvia St. John Fire seeds and get a packet of African Marigold Orange seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 5 packets of Petunia Mix seeds and get another packet of Petunia Mix seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Calendula Candyman Orange seeds and get a packet of Broccoli seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Ageratum Blue Mink seeds and get a packet of Salvia St. John Fire seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 2 packets of Geranium Border Supreme F2 Hybrid seeds and get a packet of Geranium Ks Mix seeds absolutely free.
  • Buy 3 packets of French Marigold Safari Red seeds and get a packet of African Marigold Orange seeds absolutely free.

Sustain The Allurance Of Your Garden



Garden – a place in your house which spreads beautiful hues and alluring fragrance giving you enchanting refreshment, endowing you with distinguished healthy environment and bestows with a tint of natures essence. Whether big or small, we all try to make such essential space befitting our abode but the complication occurs to maintain its charm and freshness. Gardening is not that you have sown seed, now its seeds duty come up as a plant, rather you have to give a continuous determination toward the garden, like daily watering, inspecting plants to keep a check over them from pest and other harmful insects, gardening is like growing baby where you have to understand what is troubling them and how to grow them healthy. Here we will be discussing some tried and tested tips which will benefit you growing your plants.

Soil : Requirement of good soil is preeminent as this will provide food to the plants, you should check that the soil is loose and contains apt amount of manure (you can even try organic manure) . A process of digging and sprinkling of pesticides should be done timely to avoid untimely decaying of plants.

Cleaning : A proper schedule should be prepared for cleaning the garden, all decayed plants and useless things should be removed, and one should keep a check that there is no unusual dryness or decaying in plant as these things may prove to be symptom to some disease in plants.

Making reminders and notes : You should keep a record with you about the plants and their growth, like, which plant is growing better in your garden, name of plants which are not able to sustain in your garden, what is there blooming time , when the soil is required to be digged, when should you add manure and pesticides in the soil and is there any plant which is hindering the growth of other plants(it happens as some plants do not suit the growth of other plant). These notes will help you keeping the records of plants in your garden and will give lots of vital information which will prove to be a great help for maintaining your garden.

Watering : This is a very substantial for maintaining a garden as all plants will be decayed in lack of watering, hence timely water should supplied to the plants. While supplying water to the plants some factors should be considered, like:

Climate – as we all know that in summers the requirement of water is      more in compared to winter.

Plant – requirement of water supply may also vary from plant to plant, some plant might require more water supply than others.

Sprinkling manures, fertilizers and pesticides :  A timely dose of manures and fertilizers should be added in the soil as this will help the plant growing healthy, its similar the way we take supplements to cure ourselves, the  same way sometimes the soil is not sufficient in itself to give required minerals to plants, fertilizers and manures are provides. Pesticides keeps them safe from insects and other disease, to prevent them from decaying untimely, hence manures fertilizers should be provided timely.

This Winter Embellish your Garden With Alluring Begonia Lotto F1 Hybrid Flowers



Begonia are enticing genus of perennial flowering plants coming under the family of Begoniaceae and Begonia Lotto F1 Hybrid is the recent addition in this breed. These are small flowers with bright hues, giving a refreshing appeal to your garden without requiring much hustle-bustle and the most amazing thing about these florets is that they are hybrid flowers with superlative quality and lasts for long time. Begonia ‘Lotto’ F1 hybrid plants yields neat florets with yellow centres with an exquisite mix of hues in petals. These captivating flowers can be grown in small pots, which can hanged up or kept in your garden, balcony, porch or any area which is getting adequate amount of sunlight and apart from growing these beautiful blossoms in pots one can also use them for creating small hedges around a tree or your garden as these bewitching florets will certainly, escalate the beauty of your garden.

The best sowing time of this stunning plant’s seed is from January to mid march, the soil should be moist and lightly firmed weather its going to be sown in a pot or in the garden bed but remember the surfaced should be kept moist but not waterlogged as this will hinder the growth of the plant. And one thing which should be taken care of is, that you do not cover the seeds after sprinkling them in pots or on garden beds as this will hamper the growth of the plant. And seeds should be sown in a place which is getting adequate amount of sunlight as it plays an eminent role in growth of any plant and the germination of the seeds will take 15-45 days. Few things which should be taken care of are :

  • Adequate amount of water supply.
  • Use good quality of manures in the soil as this will provide the required nutrients to the plant.
  • Use good quality of pesticides, as they will protect your plants from harmful insects and bacteria.
  • Remove dried leaves or other dust particles from the plants.
  • Plant should get adequate amount of sunlight.

But the most important thing is to get a good quality of seeds because the result of all your arduous endeavour depends upon the quality of the seeds you are using. And your search of authentic and bonafide supplier of seeds ends with Kraft Seeds, an online seed store providing superlative quality of seeds of various flowers and vegetables. And for your convenience they have categorised seeds in different categories like flower seed, vegetable seeds, summer flower seeds, winter flower seeds, summer vegetable seeds and winter vegetable seeds. They take online order of seeds and delivers the seeds to the given destination, one can buy flower seeds online India and abroad as well. Hence, to get these seeds one just need to log in their website choose the seeds of their desired plant and buy seeds online India and in abroad as well.














This Winter Add Hues In Your Garden With Enticing Petunia



Petunias are one of the most alluring bedding florets, these are wide and trumpet shape coming in different beautiful hues and having branch foliage and which is hairy and sticky. These alluring florets have wide varieties like single and double bloom, ruffled or smooth petals, striped, veined or solid colors, cascading or mounding and most of these blooms we find in market are hybrids, developed for making them more decorable.

Petunia is an annual floret, blooms in summer, spring and winter, it requires partial shade and although grows well in winters but are not frost tolerant. These seeds requires light to germinate, hence just sprinkle these seeds on top of soil and pat lightly for good contact. They require warmer temperature to germinate even you can use heating pads or keep the basket on top of your refrigerator and after germination you can move them from warmer area to a cooler place. Growing and maintaining these these flowers is not a herculean task one is required to give normal water supply for plantation and monthly foliage feeding is required as it will give your Petunia energy to stay in bloom.

These flowers look beautiful in hanging basket, even used for making bedding or a small hedge around a tree or your garden. But for all this you require a good quality seed to get your garden bloom with these colorful hues cause the quality of a plant majorly depends on the quality of seeds. Nowadays, you do not need to trouble yourself searching for an authentic seeds shop, you can buy quality seeds online also and Kraft Seeds is an authentic online seed shop where you can buy different superlative quality  vegetable seeds, flower seeds and herb seeds and in Petunia flower seeds they have best seeds of  Petunia Double Mix, Petunia Mix. You just need to log in their site and order seeds of your choice.


Drive Away Summer Blues, Order Online Enticing Summer Flower Seeds From Kraft Seeds



This summer get your garden filled with alluring hues and fragrance of exotic flowers which will rejuvenate you in this scorching heat and will stay  away all the stress.Its very essential to take care of your garden in this scorching season as there are many factors which decides the healthy growth of a plant like in this season atmosphere contains heat in great amount and the humidity of air is also low, sometimes there is even problem of water supply and the foremost factor is the quality of the seed. If one takes care of all these aspects he / she will get bright and beautiful hues in their garden. We all want to make a small garden area in our abode, which is filled with enamouring and alluring hues and exotic plants. For this, the foremost requirement is seed of good quality, as the plant will get its initial array of nourishment through these seeds only. Hence its very important to buy a good quality of seed to get gratifying results of their hardships in sowing and growing seeds. These days many online stores have opened up to deliver the quality seeds at your doorstep,from where you can buy flower seeds online India.

Kraft Seeds is the synonym of quality seeds, adducing different varieties of seeds of flowers, herbs and vegetables and for people not having much knowledge about seeds and their season, they have differentiated seeds according to the season, like summer flower seeds, winter flower seed and same is done for vegetables. They have more than 35 alluring varieties of  summer flower seeds which you can check in their website www.kraftseeds.com , hurry order your flower seeds online and make your garden filled with some of the most beautiful and enticing flowers.

How To Embellish Your Garden With Ageratum Blue Mink

ageratum blue mink

We all love to grow distinct flowers with different hues in our garden and we easily find blossoms with shades like, red, pink and yellow but we have very less options with blue color. And among these few options one is Ageratum Blue Mink, which is one of the old spices but very popular among the garden lovers. These are amazing dwarf plant having distinct blue colored fluffy flowers which are feathery and dainty and each flower of the plant contains 5-10 tubular florets. These splendid dwarf plants are very versatile can be  planted on edges of the garden and are also ideal for keeping them as potted plant. Their size and color makes them an opulent option for flower beds, containers and rock gardens as they are not too big and are easy to maintain.

The best time to sow these amazing fluffy blossoms is between autumn to winter. And its best to sow Ageratum Blue Mink flower seeds on the soil surface while keeping space of 20-30 cm between them. The plant should be grown in full sunlight or use a partial shade when plant is grown in relatively hotter climate as this will eventually be beneficial for healthy growth of the plant. The plant requires moist soils and regular supply of water which will keep them fresh and alive. The germination process of the plant will take between 5 to 15 days and after that one should take care of the plant by timely watering. One should also use a good quality of fertiliser which will certainly enhance the growth of the plant by endowing them the required nutrient. And when the plant starts blooming, it is advisable to remove the deadheads to embellish its appearance and prolong blooming.

The astonishing plant does not require your special attention all it requires is the regular maintenance, which will certainly spruce up your garden by adding its distinct hue.

But for all this, the preeminent requirement is to have a good quality of seed because if quality of the seed is not apt then your whole strive of getting a flourish plant will go in vain. Kraft Seeds is the leading online seed store India and provide distinct variety of flower seeds India. They provide wide range of flower seeds, vegetable seed, herb seeds, organic manure and gardening tools. You can buy seeds online India as you just have to order favorite seeds packet and they will deliver it to your door step.

Vegetables Which Can Be Grown In Winters


RadishGrowing vegetables for your own is not just a summer season activity, you can indulge yourself in this delightful activity even in winters, of course, the temperature difference is there but the activity will be very much involving as it is in summers. All you need to take care is the type of vegetable, time of sowing and growing technique, if you take care of these things certainly you will flourish your kitchen garden with healthy vegetables.

One should certainly take care of this point that they are growing correct vegetable in correct season because, certain vegetables require certain type of climate for their healthy growth. Hence, we are sharing some names of vegetables which can easily be grown in winter season, some of them are as follows :Radish long white, Red Radish, Brinjal Round/Brinjal Long, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage/Red Cabbage, Capsicum Green, Capsicum Red, Carrot Imp kuroda, Cherry Tomato Red, Lady Finger, Strawberry Mignonette, Parsley  and so forth.

What you require to grow these winter veggies ?

Small garden bed, planter or box

Good quality manure

Organic potting mix

Good quality winter vegetable seeds



Prepare your garden bed, planter or box with good quality of potting mix as this is going to give nourishment to your seed also add some manure in it to give the extra supplements which is required for their growth. Then make organised rows for sowing seeds and take care of space between seeds as proper space between seeds to avoid hindrance in their root’s growth. Give adequate amount of water to those seeds and then mulch them to keep them moisturised. And at time of harvesting do not forget to involve your children as they’ll love to dig out those carrots, radish and so forth.


The most important thing which can pay your labor in terms of good and healthy vegetables is good quality seeds, one cannot afford to avoid this fact that only a good and healthy seed can produce good quality of vegetables, make it a vital fact for us to buy good quality seeds. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find an authentic store of seeds and you have to do a lot of research about it to solve this problem.

The solution this problem of yours is Kraft Seeds, an authentic online seed store, where you can find various varieties of seeds assorted in different categories, like Flower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds and Herb Seeds and to avoid doubt about the seed and the growing season they have categorised seed even on season basis like winter vegetable seeds and summer vegetable seeds. You just need to log in their website www.kraftseeds.com to buy seeds online, you can buy seed online India and even you can get the delivery of these seeds in abroad as well.

Salvia St. John Fire- The Sage Flower



Now add the lush of sophisticated Salvia St. John Fire flower in your garden, this is an opulent ornamental flower plant which is ornated with bright red spikes above green bushy big leaf foliage and is one of the most well-known and widely grown plant. It gives your garden an exquisite and lush appeal which unquestionably enhance the overall appearance of your garden. This astounding plant is excellent for growing in borders, flower beds and containers which will certainly become the showstopper of your garden. Even the hue combination of the plant, bright red and dark green is also alluring and facilely captivates the attention of the visitors. The length of the plant grows almost till knee high and have long lasting red spikes which blooms at once and lasts for weeks.

Its not much difficult to grow this enticing plant, one just needs to take care of few things and all set to grow these astonishing flowers in your garden. Best time to sow the seeds of this plant is between spring to fall, these seeds can be directly sown into the flower bed, container or can even be grown indoors in seed tray with apt planting medium to get a good start. And when growing these seeds in flower bed, scatter them but do not cover them or if you do so cover them very gently and then sprinkle water lightly so that seeds do not penetrate deeply in the soil. These plants require well drained and fertile soil, however, the germination process of the plant will take around 10 to 15 days. But even after that one should take care of proper water supply, adding fertilisers, manure and pesticides for their healthy growth. Even one should take care that the plant is getting the adequate amount of sunlight as this is also essential for the healthy growth of the plant. If proper care is taken, the plant will assuredly add alluring glance to your garden. But for this, the most preeminent requirement is an apt quality seed because a healthy seed is only going to endow fruit of your hard labour in growing the seed into a plant. And Kraft Seeds is the company which gives solutions to all your garden needs and requirements, as they are one of the leading online seeds store offering various flower, herb and vegetable seeds, organic manure and other gardening tools. The company is an online seeds store hence, gives you the freedom to buy flower seeds online India and in abroad as well, to place your order all you need to do is to log in their website: www.kraftseeds.com and buy the seeds of your favorite plant. They have vast range of seeds which gives opulent options to choose from and after selecting your favorite plant’s seeds, you can place your order to buy flower seeds online in India. So, don’t wait much immediately log in their website and buy astonishing flower seeds online India.