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Come January Come Winters - But Ironically we prepare ourselves for the Indian Summer Flowers And Vegetables:

(starting from January till April - May; Majority of these varieties can tolerate Indian Heat but once the temperature crosses beyond tolerance, germination, might be a problem; also try to give your plants, flowers and seedlings only morning sunlight during summers, and then provide them a little shade with a shade net or otherwise, as the Indian heat is scorching; still germination depends on proper climatic conditions and the grower too

FOR BEST GERMINATION RESULTS USE OUR MEDIUM OF GARDENING Following are the Flower Seeds which can be sown in the Indian Summers:

1) African Marigold 
2) French Marigold 
3) Coreopsis 
4) Cosmos Sunny Red 
5) Cosmos Ladybird 
6) Gaillardia 
7) Balsam Topknot 
8 ) Balsam Tom Thumb 
9) Moonflower 
10) Kochia Evergreen 
11) Portulaca Hybrid Kariba 
12) Ipomoea 
13) Sunflower Tall 
14) Sunflower Dwarf 
15) Celosia Cristata Amigo 
16) Celosia Plumosa Glorious Mix 
17) Gomphrena Las Vegas Mix 
18) Zinnia F1 Hybrid Zinnita Mix 
19) Zinnia California Mix 
20) Vinca Mix / Colors 
21) Coleus Mix

Give a break to English Vegetables as the right time for Indian Vegetables have arrived. (Unless you have a climate which is mild and can support English Vegetable and herb seeds to grow)

Following are the Indian Vegetable Seeds which you may sow:(starting from January till July)

1) Bottle Gourd - Common Name - Lauki 
2) Bitter Gourd - Common Name - Karela 
3) Cucumber - Common Name - Khira 
4) Beans 
5) Chilli - Common Name - Mirch 
6) Sponge Gourd - Common Name - Tori Chikni 
7) Ridge Gourd - Common Name - Tori Dharidhar 
8 ) Lady Finger - Common Name - Bhindi 
9) Spinach - Common Name - Palak 
10) Round Gourd  - Common Name - Tinda 
11) Long Melon - Common Name - Tar Kakri 
12) Fenugreek - Common Name - Methi / Kasoori Methi 
13) Corriander Hybrid - Common Name - Dhania 
14) Melons - water melon and Musk Melons 
15) Summer Squash 
16) Brinjals - Common  Name - Baigan 
17) Cholai saag 
18) Kulfa Saag 
19) Pumpkin - Common Name - Kaddu

(All the Above are subject to natural climatic conditions, still Garden lovers who an arrangement of a poly-house, who can control the temperature to moderate and mild conditions, they may go ahead with our winter flower seeds and english Vegetable seeds and Herb seeds)